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Roller Tables

Metal Sawing Technology serves the metal working industries exclusively utilizing our decades of experience and knowledge to design and manufacture a wide array of heavy-duty racking and conveying equipment. Idler roller conveyors are in stock. A standard heavy duty line as well as special designed 5′ medium sections are available. Roller Stands, and portable Rollers are in stock. A broad list of accessories are available, too.

RS500 Roller Stand

The RS500 Portable Roller Stand was designed exclusively by sawblade.com to keep your material straight while cutting. It is 8″ wide, 6″ tall and the roller height can be adjusted from from 2″ to 4 ¾” in ¼” increments. No more fighting with the material to get the right height and cut it straight.

Light/Medium Duty Bar Stock Roller Stands

These stock roller stands have a range of adjustable heights, with a minimum or 28″ and a maximum of 40″. The stock roller stands bases accept V head, roller head, transfer balls, and bar stock. Each one also comes with a safety washer with a full array of features, including a “EZ” lift release tab, a “fall proof” design to prevent slippage, and a retainer pin, which helps avert washer loss.

5′ Medium/Heavy Duty Roller Table

5-foot roller tables are lighter and lower to the ground than many of the competitor models, with an easily adjustable height range of 24.5” to 27.5”. Its 24” width is perfectly suited for a wide range of saws, and allows for full movement and support of whatever material you’re cutting. Our solid 2.25” rollers and are guaranteed to provide a smooth, effortless motion, so that the saw operator can focus entirely on the cut without having to worry about constantly replacing, holding, or straightening the material.

10′ Heavy Duty Roller Table

Made in the USA, Our  10’ Heavy Duty Roller idler tables are engineered to help operators work quickly and effectively.  The 10′ heavy duty roller table is part of our standard medium to heavy duty line and is designed to provide years of high performance and reliable service. It’s modular pieces mean that the 10′ heavy duty roller table can be adjusted to function smoothly with just about any band saw. It can also be altered to work with many different types of applications.

Metal Sawing Technology has been on the cutting edge of band saws and band saw blades for over 25 years.


Metal Sawing Technology has been on the cutting edge of band saws and band saw blades for over 25 years. We’re located in the great city of Houston, Texas, where we’ve been a top Hem Saw dealer for years. We focus on the brands of band saws we trust most: the Hem Saw and Trajan lines.

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