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Hydraquip Using the Trajan 712N & M42

Customer Spotlight

Hydraquip Metal Sawing Technology caters to clients in a range of industries. Our expertise in the metal sawing technology industry means we can help clients meet all their cutting needs. We’re proud to work with Hydraquip, providing their custom band saws and connecting them with the ideal Trajan saw for their business.

Hydraquip Custom Systems

This innovative company builds custom hydraulic power units for the oil field industry. Based in Houston, Texas, Hydraquip is a business focused on rapid, high-quality manufacturing. They also go the extra mile to foster a skilled workforce with a deep understanding of each component of premium hydraulic power units. The combination of training and apprenticeships mean that Hydraquip workers are able to work efficiently with excellent results.

In fact, Hydraquip’s business methods have helped the business achieve a high degree of success since 1951. They needed saws and band saws that capable of making accurate, precise cuts in a manufacturing environment. Metal Sawing Technology had the ability to weld custom band saws for Hydraquip and help them hone in on the right saw for their production line.

Hydraquip’s Trajan 712N

Hydraquip uses a Trajan 712N from Metal Sawing Technology. This cutting machine is fine-tuned for their needs: Its durable casting structure means the Trajan 712N has a great deal of machine strength. It also comes with a coolant system for wet cutting. It also comes standard with full blade covers, which helps ensure operator safety. This cutting machine is ideal for Hydraquip because is excels at cutting stainless steel instrument tubing. It performs well in tough environments where accuracy and speed are paramount to project success.

If you have questions about the Trajan 712N, please don’t hesitate to call Metal Sawing Technology at 713-697-1605. Our trained team of customer service representatives is knowledgeable and stilled. We’re happy to offer advise as to the best saw for your cutting needs.

Metal Sawing Technology offers the widest range of parts, products, sales and service you’ll find anywhere.

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