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QCS Workholding Using M42 Blades

Customer Spotlight

About QCS Workholding

Any machining operation understands the importance of quality workholding implements. QCS Workholding is a family owned company. Their excellent service and range of options have helped QS Workholding stay in business for twenty five years.

Variety of Products

QCS Workholding offers quality precision workholding products. They sell such as manual chucks, power chucks, chuck jaws, precision vises, collet chucks, collets, live centers and tooling columns.

Increased Efficiency

They also craft J-Loc systems to make changing soft jaws a quick process. Just by changing inserts, QC Workholding means operators won’t need to deal with bolting or boring,

Texan Owned

This workholding business is based in Houston Texas. They retail a wide range of products. and manufactures the J-Loc system in their Houston warehouse. QC Workholding ships world wide.

If you have questions about QCS Workholding or their products, including the J-Loc System, call their toll free number: 1-(888) 869-2424

M42 Band Saw Blade

Metal Sawing Technology’s MST 42 saw blade is engineered to handle a variety of applications. It’s ideal for general-production like QU Workholding. The M42 is a blade that offers flexibility and contributes to workplace efficiency.

Cutting Possibilities

MST42 blades make short work of a range of alloys. These cutting possibilities include:
– Nickel alloys
– High-speed tool steels
– Mild carbon steels

Because it helps opens up a range of options, the M42 band saw blade means that operators can take full advantage of the saw efficiency. It can even tackle a range of shapes, including :
– Pipes
– Tubes
– Solids
– Structural applications

The M42 band saw blade is an ideal tool for a shop that tackles a variety of jobs and a wide range of materials.

Call With Questions

Metal Sawing Technology has a team of customer service representatives ready to answer any questions you may have. Please just give us a call if you’re curious about the M42 band saw blade.

Metal Sawing Technology offers the widest range of parts, products, sales and service you’ll find anywhere.

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