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Cutting 10" Tubing with the MST 42IC

Cutting Series

Fabrication and structural steel businesses need a rugged band saw blade. One that doesn’t pinch when sawing large cross sections or strip teeth while cutting tubing. Watch this MST 501IC cut this 10 inch tubing on the Trajan 510 Band Saw in 1 minute and thirty seconds.

Engineering the MST 501IC

To fill this need, Metal Sawing Technology created the MST 501IC. We engineered it with 8% cobalt and a tooth designed to cut between 67-69 Rockwell Hardness. Then, we added a heavy tooth set design that helps avoid potential blade wear and tear when cutting large cross sections of structural materials. The MST 501ICtooth geometry was designed specifically for faster cutting rates during interrupted cuts. It also creates less noise. The end result of this premium combination is a blade that can handle even the largest cross-section of structural material, while avoiding blade pinching during the cut. This increases production rates and lowering the sawing costs to fabricators.

MST 501IC Band Saw Convenience and Versatility

The MST 501IC is designed to handle the toughest structural cutting applications. The MST 501IC Band Saw Blade has a robust tooth design for faster cutting rates, to optimize your band sawing productivity. A proprietary heat-treating process on the blade helps minimize tooth chipping when cutting bundles of square and round tubing, angle iron, H-beams and I-beams.

High Quality Performance

Our MST 501IC Structural Blade features a M42 wide set blade design to maximize cutting performance while minimizing kerf loss. Our rigorous testing proved this blade outlasts the old style matrix bands by 20%. Now, shops can make short work of bundle and structural cutting. Because of its tooth geometry, this blade allows faster cutting rates and increases productivity with less noise.

Smooth Finish

Due to the special engineering in the MST 501IC blade, a smoother finish can be achieved on the material. The MST 501IC Band Saw Blade is the blade to consider when you need a blade that can “go the distance” when cutting structural materials.

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