Importance of a Chip Brush

By Andy Attaway

Importance of a Chip Brush – Andy Attaway

Many band saw users don’t know the importance of a chip brush. To avoid chip welding, your machine should have a rotating wire brush that is properly positioned to continually whisk away chips and debris during the cut. Setting the brush too far from the teeth prevents the filaments from effectively removing chips from gullets, while setting it too close can prematurely wear blade teeth or the brush itself. The brush should reach in and touch, but not go beyond, the deepest portions of gullets. Of course, that assumes your machine has a brush in the first place—not having a brush at all is a significant and all-too-common problem. If you are not sure if you even have a chip brush you should call your Metal Sawing Technology representative today.

There are many benefits to properly maintaining your chip brush. If your chip brush isn’t clearing chips from the blade, they can travel along with the blade through the machine causing total destruction along the way. They can get caught in your wheel bearings as well and travel through your carbide guides on your guide arms causing premature malfunction. It’s astounding how not replacing such a inexpensive part can cause so much damage.

We stock a full line of chip brushes for all major brands of band saws. Call Metal Sawing Technology today and one of our friendly staff members will be glad to help you. (713) 697-1605


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