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The MST 42GP Band Saw Blade

Product Overview

The MST 42GP band saw blade is a multi-application workhorse. It can handle a wide range of metals and applications. Manufactured in the United States,  it’s the closest today’s market can offer to an all-purpose saw blade.


The MST 42GP Band Saw Blade, designed for your convenience

Metal Sawing Technology’s high-quality MST 42GP band saw blade is constructed with a broad range of users in mind. It’s suitable for most general-production cutting environments. This blade is an ideal choice for steel service centers, tool and die shops, machine shops, fabricators, and pipe yards. It’s extremely versatile and every blade is carefully crafted to function efficiently.
Among this saw blades’ principle benefits is that it can actually help your shop save valuable work time. Because the MST 42GP band saw blade can tackle a host of sawing applications, band saw operators don’t have to change blades between cuts.

Innovative tooth configuration

The MST 42GP band saw blade has an aggressive tooth design. The tooth pattern we use is designed to reduce noise, vibration, and chatter. Combined with a three percent chrome fatigue resistant backer, the MST 42GP offers consistent, quality cutting performance.

Multiple cutting applications

Our ground tooth technology means MST 42GP blades can cut a wide range of alloys, including:
– Mild carbon steel
– High-speed tool steels
– Nickel alloys
In fact, this breed of band saw blade is capable of slicing through steels up to a 45 on the Rockwell hardness scale. It’s an ideal implement for cutting a variety of shapes and sizes such as pipe, tubes, solids and structural applications.

MST 42 band saw blade, exclusively from Metal Sawing Technology

We proudly produce MST 42GP band saw blade in our home city of Houston, Texas. We’re happy to offer recommendation for specific cutting applications. If you have questions or would like to place an order, please give us a call.

Metal Sawing Technology: 713-697-1605.

Metal Sawing Technology offers the widest range of parts, products, sales and service you’ll find anywhere.

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