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The MST 71HP Band Saw Blade

Product Overview

The MST 71HP band saw blade can handle large and difficult-to-cut material. Its cutting edge is resistant both high temperatures and wear-and-tear. We designed it to deliver accurate, straight cuts on a consistent basis. Furthermore, we use a three percent chrome backing to significantly increase blade life. Metal Sawing Technology’s MST 71HP band saw blade will become your go-to blade for challenging jobs that other blades just can’t handle.


The MST 71HP band saw blade’s unique construction

The MST 71HP band saw blade is constructed with a larger gullet than most band saw blades. It boasts a seven-to-ten degree progressive positive rake tooth geometry. Combined, these qualities help the MST 71HP blade improve chip carrying capacity. It allows operators to reduce feed force without sacrificing optimal chip removal.


Improved performance on multiple applications

The MST 71HP band saw blade offers dependable performance with an array of applications. Use this band saw blade to cut:

  • Alloys, including exotic alloys
  • Stainless, D2 and carbon steels
  • Monel

The ability to cut more materials means your operators will waste less time changing blades. But if you need to use a different band saw to complete your project, the MST 71HP is an adaptable tool. It’s user-friendly and works on virtually any band saw machine.


Why choose Metal Sawing Technology for your band saw blades?

Metal Sawing Technology crafts saw blades for premium efficiency and durability. We use the latest in sawing innovation to weld blades that offer both quality and versatility. Once you place an order, we’ll ship it the next business day. We understand the importance of prompt service and how essential a band saw blade can be to your production.

When you need serious production on your cutting applications, call Metal Sawing Technology at 713-697-1605.

Give us a call, and keep your saws in motion

Metal Sawing Technology offers the widest range of parts, products, sales and service you’ll find anywhere.

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