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Trajan 125 and 150 Band Saws

Product Overview

Durable, Portable Band Saw

The Trajan 125 band saw and Trajan 150 band saw machines from Trajan are a high quality, portable band saws that gives metal sawing shops years of profitability and reliable service. Both saws are popular for home hobby shops or as multi-purpose saws that provide cutting efficiency and versatility in professional environments.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Trajan Series

The Trajan series from Trajan Saw Works is a tribute to quality and innovation in the realm of industrial band saws. Not only are they designed to last, but they also offer a kind of portability and convenience that is rare to find. Both Trajan 125 and 150 are popular choices, not just for home hobbyists but also for professional shops that require multi-functional saws.

The Power of Portability

Understanding the Convenience

A band saw’s power does not necessarily lie in its size. The Trajan 125 and 150, both operating at 110 volts, affirm this notion. These machines are capable of operating seamlessly, whether on-site or stationed at a shop. Their lightweight aluminum bases further enhance the aspect of portability, making them exceptionally easy to transport and handle.

Speed Control at Its Finest

Both these band saws are equipped with a potentiometer controlled DC motor. This means that operators can adjust the blade speed from 75 to 246 feet per minute, depending on the material. By ensuring the blade runs at an optimal speed, these saws also ensure an increased blade lifespan, saving both time and resources. Learn more about the specific features of the Trajan 150 here.

Embracing Cutting Flexibility

The Capacities

When we talk about capacity, both the Trajan 125 and 150 boast a commendable 5” round capacity. Their capabilities, however, do not end here.

Powerful 1010W Motor

The sturdy 1.35 horsepower 1010W single phase motor comes with an electronic blade speed regulator. This saw offers powerful potential in a small package, ensuring operators don’t have to compromise on quality in order to achieve rapid, accurate cuts.

Large 0-60 degree Miter

Unique to these models, both saws miter up to 60 degrees to the right. What sets them apart is that this mitering is achieved through a swiveling head instead of relying on the vise. This approach not only results in more accurate cuts but also ensures that the vise’s holding power remains uncompromised. This method of mitering broadens the horizons for varied assignments.

Features for Precision

Adjustable blade guides, a comfortable trigger handle, and a stop rod further enhance the flexibility and precision of the saws. These features, combined, ensure that both Trajan 125 and 150 deliver performance par excellence every single time.

Support and Services

While the products in themselves are exceptional, what adds to their appeal is the robust support system. If you’re looking to gather more information or schedule a visit to our Houston location, you can get in touch at 713-697-1605. Our trained customer service representatives at Metal Sawing Technology can guide you seamlessly through the process. We aim to help clients make informed decisions and keep their operations running smoothly.


Tips for Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Trajan Band Saw

  1. Regular Maintenance: Just like any machine, regularly cleaning and lubricating your band saw ensures a longer life and smoother operations.
  2. Optimize Blade Speed: Make full use of the potentiometer controlled DC motor to adjust the blade speed according to the material.
  3. Master Mitering: Practice different cuts and make the most out of the swivel head mitering function for diverse projects.
  4. Safety First: Always wear safety equipment, and make sure the work area is clear before starting the saw.
  5. Stay Updated: Regularly check the manufacturer’s website and resources for any updates or best practices to keep your machine in top condition.

In the ever-evolving world of metal sawing, it’s essential to have equipment that’s both reliable and versatile. The Trajan 125 and 150 band saws, with their unique features and advanced engineering, are perfect for those who refuse to compromise on quality and efficiency. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, these saws promise durability, portability, and impeccable performance.

Metal Sawing Technology offers the widest range of parts, products, sales and service you’ll find anywhere.

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