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Trajan 125 and 150 Band Saws

Product Overview

Durable, Portable Band Saw

The Trajan 125 band saw and Trajan 150 band saw machines from Trajan are a high quality, portable band saws that gives metal sawing shops years of profitability and reliable service. Both saws are popular for home hobby shops or as multi-purpose saws that provide cutting efficiency and versatility in professional environments.

Portable Convenience

Trajan 125 and 150 machines are each 110 volts, so they can work in any number of settings, whether your operators are working on-site or in the shop. The lightweight aluminum bases on both saws make the Trajan 125 and 150 band saws easy to handle and transport. Both portable band saws are driven by a potentiometer controlled DC motor that allows the operator to adjust the blade speed from 75 to 246 feet per minute. This feature means both saws can run blades at an optimal speed for the material at hand, increasing blade life.

Cutting Flexibility

The Trajan 125 and 150 are both 5” round capacity band saws. Both will also miter 60 degrees to the right, via the swivel head, instead of the vise. This alternative method of achieving mitering capacity will make for more accurate cuts. What’s more, it won’t compromise the holding power of the vise. Mitering offers the ability to accommodate a wider variety of assignments.

Adjustable blade guides, a trigger handle, and a stop rod are also included in the great package or each saw. These features allow for precision cutting and excellent performance from the Trajan 125 and 150.

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Our trained customer service representatives can help walk you through the process of finding the right band saw and band saw blades for your business. They’re trained, seasoned, and eager to help you get back to business.


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