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Trajan 128 HDR Band Saw

Product Overview

Home/Shop Utility Band Saw, Trajan 128 HDR Band Saw

This is an excellent band saw machine manufactured by Trajan Saw Works. The Trajan 128 HDR a pivot style band saw machine mounted on a heavyweight machine table. The heft of this table helps eliminate vibration and protect blade life. The casting structure improves the machine’s mechanical strength.

Trajan 128 HDR Saw Details

The machine carries a ⅓ HP single phase motor and it uses a 5’ 4 ½” x ½” bandsaw blade. The 176 lb weight makes this machine very portable on it’s built in caster wheels. With the compact dimensions of 39” (L) x 15” (W) x 42” (H), the Trajan HDR can be used at independent work stations in small fabrication shops and can be easily transported off site.


The Trajan 128 HDR may be small compared to a other metal cutting band saw machines made by Trajan, but its cutting capacity is exceptional. It has the ability to cut 5” round at 0°, 3.75″ round at 45º and 1.75” round at 60°.

Accurate Cuts and Precise Control

All  Trajan band saw machines provide accurate and precise cutting results and the Trajan 128 HDR is no different. This Pivot style band saw has many features including a fully adjustable hydraulic down feed control for the rate of descent and Quick Fixture lock vise for ease of clamping material.

The Trajan 128 HDR has features the standard Trajan 128 machine does not, including the fully adjustable hydraulic downfeed system situated on the machine itself. It fully controls the rate of descent of the saw head during cutting.

Safety and Easy Clean Up

In addition the full blade cover on the Trajan 128 HDR provides more safety for the saw operator. The stand below the machine has a jointed pan that collects chips and debris during the cutting process.

Wide Range of Use

The Trajan 128 HDR Band Saw machine is ideal for small to medium size production shops. It has proven to be one of the most exceptional band saw machines on the market today when it comes to performance. Shops using the Trajan 128 HDR can include fence builders, muffler shops, farm and ranch, custom auto fabrication and general welding fabricators.

Metal Sawing Technology is located in Houston Texas. This 128 HDR is in stock and available for demonstration at our facility at 9502 East Hardy Houston, Tx 77093.

Request a quote today or call (713) 697-1605.


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