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Trajan 20 Mitering Band Saw

Product Overview

Why Choose the Trajan 20?

The Trajan 20 is a manual, miter cutting bandsaw with powerful features and substantial strength. With a range of blade speeds and cutting capacities of 13” x 18” at 90 degrees and 9” x 12” capacity at 60 degrees, it can handle variety of applications. Choose the Trajan 20 when you need exemplary cutting capabilities at a reasonable price.

Improved Production Rates

Heavy guide arms equipped with blade guide clamping locks and carbide blade guides mean this cutting machine is extremely stable. With steady blades, the Trajan 20 cuts quickly and accurately. It also boasts improved blade life. Changing blades out and maintaining the right tension is simple on the Trajan 20, thanks to the manual tensioning mechanism.

Easy Miter Cutting

An easy-to-read miter protractor makes it simple to use the Trajan 20 for miter cutting. It can miter cut up to 60 degrees in one direction. The Trajan 20 also features a Quick Lock lever system that makes cutting at an angle simple.

Heavy-Duty Structure

The Trajan 20 has a heavy duty gearbox that gives the heavy-duty cutting machine a stable platform. This means the cutting machine can easily handle trickier materials.

This saw has a built-in feed table that features three rollers and a vertical alignment roller. The Trajan 20 also has a large discharge table, a convenient work space for operators to process recently-cut pieces.

Optimal Precision Cutting

Trajan designed this cutting machine to precision cuts. It features a laser to help operators ensure the work piece is accurately measured and exactly where it needs to be before getting the band saw blade anywhere close to it.

The Trajan 20’s variable speed pulley system makes it simple for operators to manage blade speed. The dial control offers speeds between 75 and 400 sfpm.

Coolant System for Wet Cutting

With a self-contained coolant system, the Trajan 20 can cut harder materials. As an added benefit, the coolant system helps to improve blade life by keeping the blade proper temperature. The Trajan 20  also comes standard with a chip brush and wash down hose, which help remove chips.

Standard Features

3 HP 3 Phase Motor

Blade Speed @ 50Hz – 82-219

Blade Speed @ 60Hz – 98-262

Blade Size 13′ 10″ X 1″ X 0.035

1797 Lbs

13″ X 18″ 1-Way Swivel

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