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Trajan 250S Band Saw

Product Overview

The Trajan 250S is a saw designed with operator convenience in mind. Trajan is an experienced saw maker. Their engineers know that when operators can work quickly, it contributes to the efficiency of the entire project. The Trajan 250S has a structure that contributes to blade life. The cast-iron base, for example, reduces vibration while cuts are in progress, which reduces wear and tear on saw blades. This saw is packed with substantial sawing advantages.

Additional Functionality

With the Trajan 250S’s variable blade speed and two horsepower motor, shops can work with a variety of materials. Speeds between 82 and 259 surface feet per minute mean that this cutting machine can handle steels from the hardest to softest end of the spectrum. The Trajan 250S opens up additional options for projects shops can take on.

New Cutting Capabilities

Further expanding the types of projects shops can work on, the Trajan 250S offers a mitering capacity. Its head swivels up to 45º in one direction at as 8-7/16″ capacity. This saw can also cut at 90º. Its cutting capacity at this angle is9-1/16″x15-¾” for rectangular material and 9-13/16″ for round material.

Easy Clean Up

A quick clean up process also contributes to operational efficiency, enabling operators to move quickly on to their next project. The Trajan 250S has a coolant system for wet cutting. Coolant helps wash chips away from the cutting surface and the saw’s inner workings, protecting the blade and saw from damage. The coolant pan collects chips and water and the chip brush also helps clear debris away from the band saw blade.

Call Metal Sawing Technology

Metal Sawing Technology keeps the Trajan 250S in stock for customer convenience. Please give us a call at 713-697-1605 if you have any questions about this cutting machine. Our experienced customer service representatives can provide advice and walk you through the purchasing process.

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