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Trajan Band Saws and Berger Iron Works

Customer Story

In 1893, A.A. Berger began fabricating ornamental iron work for residences and office buildings.  By the 1930’s Berger was the choice of many of the most elegant estates in Houston, Galveston, and the surrounding areas.

As Houston grew, the company diversified and in the 1940’s Berger helped to supply the U.S. war effort with fabricated iron and wire products.  Berger also  manufactured special Marsh Buggies which were used in oil exploration.  When defense contracts declined after the war, Berger Iron and Wire Works moved in commercial and industrial fabrication.

Incorporated in 1954 as Berger Iron Works, Inc., the company has now been in continuous operation for 120 years.  Today  we manufacture architectural and miscellaneous metals predominantly for the commercial construction industry while maintaining it’s ability to work on industrial projects and high-end residential projects.

At Berger  we pride ourselves on being able to handle most any challenge, from the standard miscellaneous metal products (i.e. fire stairs, pipe rails, shelf angles, pipe bollards, etc.), to more exotic stainless steel, bronze, and aluminum architectural metals (monumental stairs, ornamental rails, artworks, custom canopies, cladding, etc.).

Source: http://www.bergeriw.com/aboutus.htm
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