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The Triple Chip Carbide Band Saw Blade

Product Overview

The Triple Chip Carbide Band Saw Blade is Metal Sawing Technology’s premium steel sawing blade. While this breed of blade can easily handle a variety of difficult-to-cut applications, steel is where it truly excels.


Triple Chip Carbide Band Saw Blade Steel Cutting Abilities

This blade boasts speeds that far exceed the conventional bi-metal saw blade. It can cut stainless steel at 12 SIMP, about three times faster than conventional blades. The carbide tip makes all the difference. In our own warehouse trials, the triple chip carbide band saw blade cut 5”304 stainless steel in just under three minutes and fourteen seconds.

Tooth Construction

The Triple Chip Carbide band saw blade offers a triple-chip grind when cutting and its teeth are welded at a positive rake angle. This combination enables the blade to make smooth, straight cuts, making the most difficult applications a snap.

Choose the Triple Chip Carbide band saw blade when you need to cut:
– Composites
– Inconel
– High nickel alloys
– Exotic materials
– Titanium

It’s ideal for high production environments that need a reliable blade. The Triple Chip Carbide band saw blade offers durability and powerful cutting, making it popular in the aerospace industry, for example, and steel service shops.

Why Choose Blades from Metal Sawing Technology?

At Metal Sawing Technology, we weld our blades in-house. We’re proud to be located in Houston, Texas, though we ship all over the world.

In fact, each blade we weld ships as soon as possible, usually the business day after you place your order. We understand how essential saw blades are to any shop, especially those working on an industrial scale. We ship as soon as possible to ensure that you can stay on-task for your projects.

Please give us a call at your convenience. We’re happy to offer advice as to the best blade to suit your job, or to answer any questions you may have about our business or our products.


Call Metal Sawing Technology: 713-697-1605

Metal Sawing Technology offers the widest range of parts, products, sales and service you’ll find anywhere.

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