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10' Medium Duty Roller Table

Modular Components and Engineered Roller Tables Meet Your Specific Requirements


Idler 10′ Medium Duty Roller Table With Fork Lift Loading

Our idler 10’ medium duty roller tables are engineered to help operators work quickly and effectively. It has fork lift slots for safe, easy loading and unloading. The 10′ medium duty roller table is part of our standard medium to heavy duty line and is designed to provide years of high performance and reliable service. Our years in the band saw industry helped us engineer ideal roller widths, spacing, and capacities along with conveyor lengths for every industry application and type of band saw.

When you need a medium duty roller table to facilitate moving pieces, choose the 10′ table. Its durability and sturdy structure make it a welcome addition to any workshop situation. This table will contribute to workplace efficiency and help you get jobs done faster. Its modular pieces mean that the 10′ medium duty roller table can be adjusted to function smoothly with just about any band saw. It can also be altered to work with many different types of applications.



  • Rollers: 2-1/2″ diameter
  • II ga wall, 24″ working width
  • 12″ on center
  • 700# capacity per roller
  • I 1 1/16″ hex shaft
  • Frame: 5″ x 6.7# channels


Legs: Two types of Bolt on Legs;

R C S10 LA

(3 Legs per conveyor) 4″ x 5.4# channels, Height 27″, +or·· 3″ Adjustable Leveling Bolt

R C S10 LB

(3 Legs per conveyor) 4″ x 5.4# channels, Height 33″, +or·· 3″ Adjustable Leveling Bolt

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