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Trajan 812G

8 x 12 Utility, Geared Drive, Metal Cutting Band Saw

The Trajan 812 is a heavy duty manual miter pivot saw that can cut up to a 45 degree angle. It’s an easy to use saw that can handle the tougher materials and parts that haven’t been pre-cut. Above all, the 812 is very efficient. In fact, it “Uses half the power of competitors’ saws,” making it less expensive in the log run.

The Trajan 812G is a saw that offers options. It can cut a variety of different applications, including tubular, structural, and rectangular stock. It also has a mitering capability 0 to 45 degrees. Not only does the Trajan 812G open up a host of new projects for shops, it’s features also provide a host of conveniences

Protects Blade Life

The carbide blade guides on the Trajan 812G band saw ensure that the band saw blade doesn’t vibrate excessively while its in use. This reduces wear and tear on the blade and saves shops money in the long run. The weight of the Trajan 812G itself also helps to counteract vibration, enabling accurate cuts.

The coolant system also helps lubricate and cool the blade during wet cutting. It also washes away chips from the cutting surface, which also helps protect the blade from damage. The Trajan 812G stand comes standard with a coolant pan for collecting chips and coolant. Furthermore, this saw has a chip brush that sweeps chops into the pan.

Fine-Tuned, Convenient Controls

The fully adjustable hydraulic downfeed means operators have precise control over the rate of descent. This also helps operators cut a variety of materials. The Trajan 812G also features a variable speed control that offers speeds between 112 ,164, and 213 sfpm.

Portable Utility Band Saw – 8″ Geared Drive Metal Cutting Band Saw

  • Casting structure assures mechanical strength
  • Fully adjustable hydraulic downfeed controls the rate of descent
  • Full blade cover provides more safety
  • Gear drive system provides speed changing when saw blade is in unload running
  • Cutting angle from 0 degree to 45 degree
  • Bearing carbide guide enhances cutting stability and extends the blade life
  • Stand jointed with coolant pan for collecting chips and coolant
  • Coolant system for wet cutting
  • With standard blade, chip brush and length stop set
  • Wheel kit for convenient moving to various work stations or job location
Cutting AngleStock ShapeStock Size
Bar Stock7 7/8″
Rectangular Stock7″ X 12″
Square Stock7 7/8″ X 7 7/8″
45°Bar Stock5″
Rectangular Stock4 5/8″ X 4 7/8″
Square Stock4 5/8″ X 4 5/8″

Trajan band saws offer premium performance and long-term durability. Our line of machines ranges from portable, lightweight saws to powerful, heavy-duty machines.

Metal Sawing Technology offers the widest range of parts, products, sales and service you’ll find anywhere.

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