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Trajan 20 Series 2

Deluxe 13" x 18" Semi-Auto, Heavy Duty, Metal Cutting Band Saw

The Trajan 20 band saw is more heavy duty than the Trajan 712, weighing in at 1600 pounds. Since the saw is so heavy, it gives the operator a lot more stability when cutting, offering the operator more efficient cuts. It comes with a self-contained coolant system that lets you cut harder materials and achieve an extended blade life. The coolant system also comes with a hose that lets you easily clean the work area and the saw.

The Trajan 20 is a heavy duty manual, pivot type, miter cutting bandsaw. It provides exceptional cutting capability for a wide range of cutting applications. With a capacity of 13” x 18” at 90 degrees and 9” x 12” capacity at 60 degrees, the Trajan 20 provides a large cutting capacity at an affordable price.

Convenient Structure

Featuring a heavy duty gearbox that directly drives the cast band wheel, the Trajan 20 provides a stable platform for some of the most difficult to cut materials.

The infeed side of the saw is complimented by a built-in feed table with three rollers and a vertical alignment roller. The Trajan 20 also has a large discharge table, giving it a convenient work space for processing cut pieces.

Enhanced Production Rates

Heavy cast guide arms featuring blade guide clamping locks and carbide blade guides provide maximum saw lade stability. This increases both production rates and blade life.

The Trajan 20 incorporates a 13’-10” x 1” x .035 saw blade to provide rapid production and facilitate square cuts. With a manual tensioning mechanism, changing blades on the Trajan 20 is simple. Furthermore, these features gives operators the proper band tension with every blade change.

Precise Control

A laser has been added to the Trajan 20 design to assist in the positioning of the work piece. This feature allows operators to obtain the correct measurements without needing to place the blade on the material prior to making a cut.

Blade speed control is provided by an easy to operate variable speed pulley system. This system has a dial control providing blade speeds from 75-400 sfpm and a 3hp blade drive motor. A positioning saw vise with a quick locking mechanism provides fast setup between cuts.

Cutting Flexibility

The Trajan 20 features a miter cutting capability of up to 60 degrees in one direction. The easy-to-read miter protractor and the quick Lock lever system make cutting angles extremely easy.

Preserves Blade Life

The Trajan 20 features a completely self contained coolant system to increase your cutting capabilities on harder materials and increase blade life. It also comes standard with washdown hose to assist in cleaning the work area and the saw. In addition to the coolant system, the Trajan 20 has a chip brush, which helps with chip removal.

Standard Features

  • Blade Guide: Carbide
  • Blade Length: 13′-10
  • Blade Speed: Variable
  • Coolant Pump: Standard
  • Cut Method: Horizontal
  • Feed System: Manual
  • Laser Alignment: Yes
  • Miter Cut: Single 60°
  • Motor: 3HP 3Ø
  • Swivel Method: Head
  • Table Height: 25.75
  • Voltage: 220/440V
  • Ship Wt: 1765 lbs.
Cutting AngleStock ShapeStock Size
-45°Bar Stock11″
Rectangular Stock13″ X 11″
-60°Bar Stock6 7/8″
Rectangular Stock10″ X 6 7/8″
Bar Stock13″
Rectangular Stock13″ X 18″

Trajan band saws offer premium performance and long-term durability. Our line of machines ranges from portable, lightweight saws to powerful, heavy-duty machines.

Metal Sawing Technology offers the widest range of parts, products, sales and service you’ll find anywhere.

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