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HEM H3236

Band Saw, Dual Column

HEM H3236 has a wide capacity and a fifteen horsepower motor augmented by a five horsepower hydraulic system. It’s highly adjustable and built to facilitate quick, accurate cuts. This line of saw is manufactured by the HemSaw company. They’ve been producing band saws for over 30 years, earning a reputation for quality, dependable machines.

HEM H3236 Band Saw

Choose the HEM H3236 when you need a band saw that can tackle substantial projects. It comes standard with convenient features that help ensure cuts are made accurately and quickly. Furthermore, the HEM H3236 band saw strikes an ideal balance between ease-of-use and adjustability.

The cut watcher system and powered blade tension and guide arm make achieving the right cut a snap. The manual control console and adjustable blade speed, clamping pressure, feed rate and cutting pressure mean that operators have enough control to make custom cuts.

Blade Stability

Blade stability is protects band saw blades and helps ensure straight cuts. The HEM H3236 is equipped with flat carbide blade guides and blade guards that secure the band saw blades in place. Changing blades on The HEM H3236 is also made easier thanks to its guide cap camlocks.

In order to the band saw blade stability, flat carbide guides provide solid support to each side of the band saw blade. These carbide guides make the transition into the perpendicular position easy on the blade.

Clean, Accurate Cuts

This band saw’s flood coolant system means that the application surface will be clean and lubricated while the blade is at a controlled temperature. As the cut is in progress, the sawing fluid will wash away chips from the blade and essential parts of the saws. After the cut is finished, the blade chip brush and discharge table makes cleanup a breeze.

The HEM H3236 is just one member of HemSaw’s powerful family of band saws. Not sure if it’s the right fit for your shop? Give us a call at 713-697-1605. We’re happy to go over your options with you and help you make the best decision about your band saw purchase.


HEM H3236 Band Saw Standard Features

• 32″ X 36″ (W) Capacity
• 2″ X 27′ X .063″ Blade
• 15 Horsepower Motor
• 5 Horsepower Hydraulic System
• Manual Control – Swing Away Console
• Joystick Arm Height Control
• Roller Base Machine
• Guide Cap Camlocks
• Powered Blade Tension
• Powered Guide Arm
• Cut Watcher System
• LED Blade Speed Readout On Console
• Full Stroking Main Vise
• Flood Coolant System
• Blade Chip Brush
• 24″ Roller Discharge Table Part Of Saw Base
• Flat Carbide Blade Guides
• Adjustable Clamping Pressure (0-2,500 Lbs)
• Adjustable Feed Rate & Cutting Pressure
• Adjustable Blade Speed (70-400 Sfm)
• Blade Guards
• 220/440/3ph Electrical Motor Requirement


HEM H3236 Band Saw Optional Features

• 2-5/8″ Blade Option
• Chip Conveyor System
• Full Capacity Top Clamp – Main Vise
• Full Capacity Top Clamp -Outboard Vise
• Outboard Powered Vise On Discharge
• Blade Enhancer System
• Shadow Light System
• Laser Light System
• Hydraulic Computer Controlled Traverse
• Free Standing Console
• Swing Away Console On Left Side
• Pedestal Mounted Control
• Spray Mist Lubrication – Manual Switching
• Spray Mist Lubrication – Flood/Mist
• Selector Switch


HEM H3236 Band Saw Support

• 1 Year Parts Warranty
• Spare Parts Kit & In-Depth Manual

HemSaw has been in business for over 30 years. Their history of manufacturing excellent band saws is one of the main reasons Metal Sawing Technology is proud to work with them.
Metal Sawing Technology offers the widest range of parts, products, sales and service you’ll find anywhere.

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