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HEM PS 18/144

Band Saw, Plate

HemSaw’s HEM PS 18/144 band saw is engineered to handle specialty applications. Its structure, hardware, and quality set of standard features means it’s the ideal saw for stripping large sections of plate. It’s also the ideal machine for fixturing in order to make a unique cut. This saw is ideal for shops that want to expand their horizons and take on new projects.

One of the HEM PS 18/144 band saw’s key features is its traveling head. This allows either the head or the material to move through the cutting area. That way, your operator can achieve specific, specialty cuts. Control of the traveling head is computerized; Material height and cutting rate are entered in square inches per minute. Once the operator has entered the directions, the computer sets the head travel speed. It also comes with a cut watcher system, which ensures cut accuracy and is considered a must-have feature on many high-production saws.

Protects Blade Life

The HEM PS 18/144 band saw is built to protect its band saw blade. It has a coolant system, which washes chips away from the cutting surface and keeps the blade at a lower temperature. The chip conveyor system also helps remove chips from the saw.


This saw comes standard with a swing-away control console for operator comfort. Additionally, the HEM PS 18/144 band saw has H Beam construction on the table for functional convenience.

Installation accessories are also come standard with the HEM PS 18/144 band saw. These accessories enable rapid setup and allow work to begin quickly.

Standard Features

• Traveling Head
• 18″ Throat
• 144″ Traveling Length
• 12″ Height
• Table Size 4′ X 8′
• 1.5″ X 15’6″ Blade
• 15 Horsepower Drive Motor
• 2 Horsepower Hydraulics
• Swing Away Control Console
• Chip Conveyor System
• Cut Watcher System
• Computerized Control Of Head Travel
• H Beam Construction On Table
• Partial Catwalk
• Installation Accessories
• Coolant System

HEM PS 18/144 Band Saw Support

• 1 Year Parts Warranty
• Spare Parts Kit & In-Depth Manual

Cutting Capacity 18″ W x 12″ H x 144″ L
Blade Size 15’6′′ x 1.5′′ x .050′′
Motor 15HP
Blade Speeds Variable Speed
HemSaw has been in business for over 30 years. Their history of manufacturing excellent band saws is one of the main reasons Metal Sawing Technology is proud to work with them.
Metal Sawing Technology offers the widest range of parts, products, sales and service you’ll find anywhere.

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