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Band Saw

Choose the HEM VT140 band saw when you need a powerful saw that can handle a variety of applications. This band saw’s ability to cut both left and right at 45 and 60 degrees makes it a valuable addition to any metal sawing shop, fabricator, or warehouse dealing with a high-demand environment. It opens up new avenues, enabling shops to take on a greater range of projects.

Metal Sawing Technology is glad to provide our customers HemSaw band saws. The HEM VT140 is an excellent example of an superior HemSaw. Its outstanding features promise operators ease of use, creating functional efficiencies that enable rapid, accurate production.

HEM VT140 Band Saw

This HemSaw’s automated features help operators work efficiently. With the swing-away all function control console, enhanced by a flat panel touch screen, operators can easily program and control the saw. They can also watch the cut as it occurs, ensuring it goes as planned.

The computer-controlled feed system, cut watcher system, and electronic-controlled traverse, ensure ease-of-use and cut accuracy. The HEM VT140 also comes standard with a powered blade tension, powered guide arm, and a powered and programmable tilt with angle readout.

The real showstopper powered feature is the solid-state programmable logic controller. It manages all the HEM VTV140 band saw’s electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical operations.

Prolongs Band Saw Blade Life

This HemSaw’s carbide blade guides help reduce blade vibration during cuts. Reduced vibration helps ensure blades take less damage during the cut. The blade saver system also prevents damage to the blade during operation, making this saw ideal for cutting bundles.

The flood coolant system, in concert with the HEM VT140 band saw’s blade brush, keeps chips away from the cutting surface. As the coolant washes over the application, it also washes chips away from the band saw itself. Clean up is easy with the wash down hose.

Give Us a Call

Metal Sawing Technology has trained customer representatives that can help walk you through your purchase. Let us answer any questions you may have about the HEM VT140 band saw.
Metal Sawing Technology: 713-697-1605

HEM VT140 Band Saw Capacity

Capacity: 24″ W x 31″ H
Miter: 21″ H x 24″ left @45°
Miter: 21″ H x 24″ right @ 45°
Miter: 13.5″ H x 24″ left @ 60°
Miter: 13″ H x 24″ right @ 60°
Bar-feed: 0-48″ (Multiple Index)
Blade: 20’0″ x 1.5″ x .050″
Motor: 10 Horsepower

HEM VT140 Band Saw Standard Features

• Adjustable Blade Speed w/ LED Readout
• Adjustable Clamping Force
• Blade Brush
• Blade Saver
• Broken Blade Indicator
• Carbide Blade Guides
• Computer Controlled Feed System
• Cut Watcher System
• Electronic Controlled Traverse (Controls Feed Rate & Cutting Force)
• Flood Coolant System w/ Wash-Down Hose
• Forward Cut Stop
• Full Stroking Vises
• Idle Base Rollers – 1 Each Side of Base
• Material Jogging
• Out of Stock Indicator
• Powered Blade Tension
• Powered Guide Arm
• Powered Tilt w/ Angle Readout
• Programmable Tilt
• Safety Guards
• Solid State Programmable Logic Controller
• Swing-Away Console – All Function Control
• Touch Screen (Flat Panel Touch Control)

HEM VT140 Band Saw Optional Features

• Second Main Machine Vise-Full Stroking
• Swing Away Top Clamp – Main Vise (Full Capacity)
• Top Clamp – Main Vise (Reduced Capacity)
• Spray Mist Lubrication – Manual Switching
• Spray Mist Lubrication – Flood/Mist Selector Switch
• Powered Chip Conveyor
• Manual Hand Crank Chip Conveyor
• Laser Light System
• Cut Watcher System

HEM VT140 Band Saw Support

• 1 Year Parts Warranty
• Spare Parts Kit & In-Depth Manual

Cutting Capacity 24″ W x 31″ H
Blade Size 20’0″′ x 1.5′′ x .050′′
Motor 10HP
Blade Speeds Variable Speed
HemSaw has been in business for over 30 years. Their history of manufacturing excellent band saws is one of the main reasons Metal Sawing Technology is proud to work with them.
Metal Sawing Technology offers the widest range of parts, products, sales and service you’ll find anywhere.

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