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Band Saw, Wide Flange

The HEM WF130 band saw is part of the Wide Flange series, one of HemSaw’s newest lines of saws. They are powerful and excel when it comes to tackling structural shapes and bundle applications. Quality, practical features make the HEM WF130 band saw a workhorse that helps metal sawing shops meet their project needs.

Engineered by HemSaw for quality and durability, the HEM WF130 band saw represents the result of 30 years of band saw manufacturing experience. HemSaw is a longstanding industry leader. Metal Sawing Technology proudly works with HemSaw, as their reputation for reliable, excellent saws goes hand in hand with our customer-forward principals.


HEM WF130 Band Saw

This wide flange saw makes short work of a variety of applications, thanks to its generous capacity of 18″ X 27″ (W) and remarkably fast cut times. The HEM WF130 band saw is designed to make accurate cuts efficiently. It comes standard with a number of features that make operation simple and help to extended blade life.

This saw comes standard with a manual control swing away console, which makes it simple for operators to handle the machine comfortably. It also features a 24” roller discharge table, which makes handing finished applications a breeze.
For saw accuracy, the HEM WF130 Band Saw has an inverter blade drive with a blade speed LED readout. It also includes adjustable clamping pressure, adjustable blade speed, and adjustable feed rate and cutting pressure.

Helps to Extend Blade Life

Flat carbide blade guides come standard on the HEM WF130 Band Saw. They keep the band saw blade from vibrating excessively while in operation, protecting the blade and ensuring a straight cut. The flood coolant system washes chips away from the cutting surface, minimizing the chances of blade damage. After a job is finished, the wash down hose makes clean up quick and painless.

Have Questions?

If you have concerns or queries about the HEM WF130 band saw, don’t hesitate to call Metal Sawing Technology. Our customer service representatives are trained and knowledgeable about your band saw options. We’re glad to help. Give us a call at 713-697-1605.


HEM WF130 Band Saw Standard Features

• 18″ X 27″ (W) Capacity
• 1-1/2″ X 21″ X .050″ Blade
• 10 Horsepower Motor
• Hydraulic Machine
• 2 Horsepower Hydraulic System
• Lock Out – Tag Out System
• 9.2 Degree Permanent Arm Tilt
• Manual Control – Swing Away Console
• Powered Blade Tension
• Powered Guide Arm
• Full Stroking Vise
• Roller Base Machine
• Bi-Directional Main Vise
• Blade Chip Brush
• Blade Break Switch
• 24″ Roller Discharge Table
• Flat Carbide Blade Guides
• Adjustable Clamping Pressure (0-2,500 lbs)
• Adjustable Feed Rate & Cutting Pressure
• Adjustable Blade Speed (60-360 sfm)
• Inverter Blade Drive – Blade LED Speed Readout
• Flood Coolant System
• Wash Down Hose
• Blade Guards
• 220/440/3ph Electrical Requirement For Motor


HEM WF130 Band Saw Optional Features

• Guide Cap Camlocks
• Chip Conveyor System
• Full Capacity Top Clamp – Main Vise
• Full Capacity Top Clamp -Outboard Vise
• Bi-Directional Outboard Powered Vise
• Hydraulic Computer Controlled Traverse
• Cut Watcher System
• Cutting Vibration Dampening System
• Shadow Light System
• Laser Light System
• Spray Mist Lubrication – Manual Switching
• Spray Mist Lubrication – Flood/Mist Selector Switch
• Free Standing Console
• Swing Away Console On Left Side
• Pedestal Mounted Control


HEM WF130 Band Saw Support

• 1 Year Parts Warranty
• Spare Parts Kit & In-Depth Manual

Cutting Capacity 27″ W x 18″ H
Blade Size 21’10′′ x 1.5′′ x .050′′
Motor 10HP
Blade Speeds Variable Speed
HemSaw has been in business for over 30 years. Their history of manufacturing excellent band saws is one of the main reasons Metal Sawing Technology is proud to work with them.
Metal Sawing Technology offers the widest range of parts, products, sales and service you’ll find anywhere.

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